Our Bread

What Makes Heidelberg Bread

Phenomenally Healthy


Ingredients You Can Pronounce

Only the best, healthiest ingredients in our bread with none of the bad stuff! All Heidelberg Bread contains the same primary ingredients: Flour, Water, Salt, & Yeast.

Simple you might think, but in reality, authentic bread is an intricate balance of those basic ingredients.

Unbleached Unbromated Transitional Wheat Flour
Slow Fermentation Process (Best For Digestive Health)
Handcrafted In A Soy & Peanut Free Facility

No Artificial Preservatives
No High Fructose Corn Syrup
No Added Sugar
No Soy

Heidelberg Bread uses Stone Ground Unbleached White Flour from locally grown wheat. It’s a fact that stone ground flour is better than flour that is mass produced at high temperatures. The hard, red, winter wheat is planted in the fall on North Country family farms, which produces a specialty grain with its very own robust yet mild flavor.

Families should not have to worry about the availability, origin and quality of their food. We are committed to using locally grown and wholesome food products to contribute to a safer, healthier and more prosperous community.